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Andy Wirth

March 22, 2022


According to the 2018 EU GDPR, the new Swiss Data Protection Act RevdSG will follow in 2022, which will be implemented in the second half of 2022.

Addendum: The Swiss offices are not entirely agreed on scheduling.Some announce the second half of 2022 - the other autumn 2023. However, the fact is: it will come.

The essentials in brief:

We have summarized the most important points regarding websites & web apps.

For a legally secure website, they needed four things:

  • Imprint
  • Data protection
  • SSL certificate for safe connections
  • Tool with which their visitors can selectively allow or refuse cookies

Our offer:

BASIC (ab CHF 370.-)

  • Entry imprint & data protection declaration
  • Configuration, styling & integration cookie script
  • Links to the data protection declaration
  • Adaptation integrations (e.g. Google Analytics)
  • SSL certificate


  • Entry imprint & data protection declaration
  • Configuration, styling & integration cookie script
  • Links to the data protection declaration
  • Adaptation integrations (e.g. Google Analytics)
  • SSL certificate
  • Formulation data protection declaration by lawyer

Further information on the individual points:


The imprint is probably the most trivial measure for a serious website.It has been mandatory on every website on which goods or services are offered.

The imprint should at least contain the following information:

  • your complete name or the name of the company
  • your address or the seat of the company (mailbox is not enough)
  • E-mail address (contact form is not sufficient)
  • Telephone number (not mandatory, but recommended for a simplified contact)
  • UID (company identification number) optional, if available

Data protection

First of all: the story is not done with the insertion of a standard text.

As individually, the data protection declaration should also be individual.

We recommend having the data protection declaration based on a lawyer based on the services used, plugins, etc. so that they are on the safe side.We are welcome to offer hand on fair conditions in this area.

In brief summary, this is about the following points:

  • We make it clear that we, as website operators, only save necessary data and deal responsibly with them
  • We show the visitors which personal data is saved for what or in which form are handed over to which third -party providers
  • We offer visitors the opportunity to find out about the storage of your data

This list gives an overview, but is not final.


Easy to recognize: If a website is safe, a small, closed padlock is before the domain in the address bar (e.g.

This shows the visitor that the data between it and the website is transmitted in encrypted form and that the transmission is protected.

Nowadays an absolute basic that also influences your ranking on Google.Websites without a SSL certificate are even completely blocked by the web browser used (e.g. Firefox).

Tool for the selective selection of cookies

With a tool for the selective selection of cookies, we enable visitors to be able to choose what they want to allow for themselves.

We use ‘Cookie Script’ for this purpose and offer a cost -effective package for configuration, visual adaptation and integration into the website.

Most of them are divided into the following categories:

  • absolutely necessary cookies to enable the core functions of the website
  • Performance cookies to see how visitors use the website (e.g. Google Analytics)
  • Targeting cookies to identify visitors between different websites (e.g. to display relevant advertising)
  • Functional cookies to save visitor information on the website (e.g. browser language used, etc.)

Your website and its content are automatically through that in Switzerland Copyright protected. An explicit Copyright note is therefore neither prescribed nor necessary. disclaimer or Liability exclusions are mostly unnecessary or can even be harmful.

AGB (Terms of Service) are usually only necessary in online shops / eCommerce, or if apps or web services (SaaS) are offered.

a notice: The topic of data protection (EU GDPR & REVDSG) goes much further than the points mentioned in relation to the website.As a result, pointing out at this point that the points mentioned above are not considered final.

Pic Credit: Meel Tamphanon

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