Social Media Trends 2022

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Jürg Kobel

November 3, 2021

Social Media Trends 2022

1. Metaversum

The meta person as a platform of the future? Facebook is on creating a virtual world and is called new Meta. The meta verse, which was a foreign word a few years ago, is becoming more and more important - and that quickly.In the meta person, the physical reality with an extended reality merge (Augmented Reality, AR) and virtual reality (Virtual Reality, VR) In a cyber world.Even if the meta person is becoming more popular, it will take some time for it to be completely accepted.Regardless of whether a single meta person is formed or several brands and platforms create their own, this is Experiment essential, To test and watch what works in this phase.

2. Communities

Customer: inside has a voice.It may be quite quiet, but if this Vote in large social communities, they are loud Enough to change the world.You can therefore assume that the Users: become louder and the communities more and more social inside Create motivated changes. Discord, The online service For instant messaging, chat, language conferences and video conferences, assumes Meaning too - also far from the gamercommunitiy.

3. Post-Pandemic content and values

The content has to be adjusted because people’s lives change Has.The change from work in the office to work led from home In addition to the fact that people have more personal experiences related to their lives wished.So be specific, open the world of Audio content, you can also quickly create consumable content.

For a company may “Corporate Social Responsibility” no more foreign word.Say what you stand up for.Drag Sustainability or inclusion in their marketing activities and theirs Content plan.But there is nothing worse than a company that one says that, but does something completely different.Acts say more than words.

4. Tik Tok and influencer marketing

Other social networks are becoming more and more based on Tik Tok to stay competitive.If your target group Tik Tok uses, you should do that too.Connect to them and Find out where you are committed and what you deal with.

With the increasing importance of social media, the importance also takes importance and the influence of Influencer to.Most customers And customers trust others more than brands.Influencer marketing now offers better results at lower risks.

5. Advertisements and social selling

A perfect advertisement on Facebook, Instagram and Co. And remains a challenge.However, 49 % of Internet users give: inside that they are more likely to buy brands whose advertising you see while surfing. Instagram Has new Shopping-Funktionen introduced with which users can buy in articles without the app too leaving.Other social networks offer similar functions.If you Use social networks for sale, you should be striking and be personal as possible.


Web 2.0 was connected to the boom of social networks.Facebook is getting old in the meantime.Tik Tok recently celebrated a billion Active users: inside worldwide.With Web 4.0, the boundaries between the Real and virtual world dissolved.Large brands work with Blockchain technologies and NFTS, with virtual and augmented reality.she Become the first Winner in the metaverse be, the Generation Z Your audience.

The Social Media Trends Report there is a download from Hubspot.

Pic Credit: Serge Rodas

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