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Everything is interconnected yet each area stands on its own. This is how one could describe the diverse mixture of Scala Vini's new online presence.

For the website, we have integrated a Composable Web System. This consists of three separate but interconnected components: an online shop, a headless CMS for managing website content, and a frontend. This modular structure allows for each component to be updated and customized independently. This enables flexible adaptation of the website to the changing customer needs.

By integrating Strapi, a headless CMS, we dynamically and flexibly update the website's content. Strapi allows us to develop individual content models perfectly tailored to different channels - such as the website. This ensures efficient content management without a fixed frontend, significantly enhancing the website's adaptability and user experience.
Feature 1
In the Sylius online shop, thanks to individual additional fields in the product management, the products can be sorted very easily and precisely. In addition to the overarching producer management, there is also an individual detail view for each producer with their most well-known products. The Sylius online shop system has proven to be absolutely reliable here.
Feature 2
The architecture of the project undoubtedly presents a challenge, but it also offers significant advantages such as the possibility of independent development. However, this flexibility also leads to a more complex deployment of the software. As a solution for the frontend, we use SvelteKit, hosted on Netlify, while Strapi is operated in the Swiss OpenShift Cloud APPUiO.
Feature 3
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