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Desktopansicht SEF.Growth Website

In collaboration with Cleverclip, we have elevated the online presence of SEF.Growth to a new level. Inspired by the video and the new appealing design of the landing page, realized by Cleverclip, we have revamped the entire online presence of SEF.Growth. The new website is designed to be inspirational and engaging, yet clear and user-friendly.

A special eye-catcher of the new website is the dynamic scroll animation in the SEF Growth Programs section - implemented using Parallax. Parallax scrolling is a technique where the background of the website moves slower than the foreground, creating a 3D effect that enhances depth and provides a more immersive surfing experience. Combined with the changing landscapes, the program takes center stage in a well-deserved spotlight.
Feature 1: Visualize program with parallax
The newly created "Stories" page serves as an internal newsfeed, blog, and platform for various brands. Each post and all brands have been categorized accordingly. Users can quickly and easily find blogs and brands through the filter function.
Feature 2: Stories
The new event calendar displays upcoming and past events in a clear format. The website's new feature simplifies the registration process, making it easy and straightforward. Past events are collected in the highlights, inspiring future event attendance.
Feature 3: Event calendar
Cumbersome registration processes are a thing of the past. Companies can now navigate through the online registration wizard directly on the website. By answering specific questions, it quickly becomes apparent whether the company has the potential to be included in the program.
Feature 4: Registration-Wizzard
Screenshot SEF.Growth Website Parallax

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