"Our values" series: Start of a trip with "Agil" & Co.


Oliver Burkhalter

November 30, 2021

"Our values" series: Start of a trip with "Agil" & Co.

Floor and organizations

”We have to heal the ground so as not to have to cure animals and people.”

— André Voisin

Some time ago I was allowed to take part in an exciting workshop on the topic “The secret of fertile soil”. The workshop was organized by the municipality of Steffisburg by the “Kulturgarten” project.The specialist Simon Jöhr, who carried out the workshop, is a member of the “RRegenerative agriculture ”community And has shared its great knowledge of the soil, regenerative agriculture and all the connections with us.

For example, I was allowed to learn:

  • The fact that the more humus is available, the soil can absorb and save the more water (rain, etc.), i.e. more resilient is on external influences
  • That it is essential how to deal with the ground, either you build up humus or just and that has a huge influence on the growing cultures on the floor, such as good, resistant, etc.
  • That our floors have lost some of the nutrient content over the years, e.g. today you have to eat 3 apples instead of 1 apple so that you take up the same amount of nutrients as before

I find the ideas and principles of regenerative agriculture regarding the ground also have parallels the functioning of organizations.

I think you can find organizations as Complex organisms Look at people who are related to each other, communicate with each other and work together to achieve a common goal.

As a “soil” of an organization, I see people, relationships, communication and the way of cooperation.

I think the better you cultivate this “floor”, the healthier and resilient growing the “products”.

The Beginning…

We set off as an organization about 2 years ago Werte and principles of agile software development, The evolutionary resp.generative organizations (according to F. Laloux Reinventing Organizations resp. R. Westrum Typology of organisational cultures) And to discover, learn and live “lean” for our context.

The whole transformation is not completed, will probably never be completed because we have decided to go on this trip to discover and learn a different way in which we (including our partners and customers) are happier and more satisfied andcan work more sensibly together.

This will probably be a continuous process, also with some highs and lows (as we have already had in the past few months: sweat_smile :).Much is not yet going well, some things work pretty well and we are constantly learning and “encourage, admonish, persevere” at the other, so that we can really live our way, our new collaboration culture in everyday life.

Why do we do this? 😅

Because we deeply believe that things like:

  • Transparency: Accessible information for everyone at z.B. to enable decentralized decision -making processes
  • Trust and safe working environment
  • Hangling changes
  • Continuous improvement and further development
  • Uniform distribution of knowledge
  • Communication at eye level
  • Open error culture
  • Self-organisation
  • quick feedback/learning loops
  • Early delivery of software into the “hands” of the end users

And many other values and principles in the area of “agile” and “lean” simply make sense and our cooperation more satisfied and holistic.

There are more …

In the upcoming series, we would like to share our values with you, tell of beautiful and less nice experiences and thus also encourage other encouragement new ways of holistic cooperation.

We are convinced that there is more than what we know so far and we are excited to see what we will still discover and learn.

Are you on the trip with us?

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