Free programs for photo processing

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Jürg Kobel

June 2, 2020

Free programs for photo processing

Free photo editing online

Quickly reduce a photo, select a neckline and make the colors stronger?You don’t have to be a professional or have a paid tool in use.With these tips you can make photo editing in no time at all.

With Pixlr knew graphics are created free of charge and photos are edited.The program enables easy editing and cutting of photos.Adding text is also possible, as well as working with several levels.The selection of common formats for the web and social media is an advantage.For example, the photos can be saved as a JPG or PNG file and the desired quality can be specified before download.


Ebenso enabled in the browser Editing photos.The size can be changed, and numerous filters and frames are also available.Then save and finish the photo: The only disadvantage: The quality or compression of the image cannot be adjusted when saving.

Apropos Image compression: TinyPNG (or Is an online tool that massively reduces the files without noticeable loss of quality.Simply upload the pictures and then download compressed again.A small file size is important so that the loading times of your website remains fast.


Free download programs

A well -known and aging program is Paint.NET by Microsoft.In the meantime available as freeware, the software also offers more demanding functions, but is easy to use.Automatic corrections and artificial effects can beautify the photos.

Actually a profit tool is GIMP. The program takes some getting used to, but a very good free alternative to Photoshop from Adobe.GIMP also has numerous professional processing functions for images and photos and also makes complex processing possible.

Additional tip: GIF-Maker

Recently Facebook has the online database and search engine Giphy, Find and share animated GIF files with the user for $ 400 million.Animated gifs are announced.GIF makers are almost like sand by the sea.If you wanted to let pictures have been living for a long time, you can at let off steam.



Nowadays, photos are easy to shoot with your smartphone - and this with sometimes great results.A simple photo editing program is mostly pre -installed on the cell phone.To edit photos in the desired form, it is worth changing to the desktop for practical reasons.There are countless photo editing tools on the market.Before you buy a paid program, consider exactly what functions you need for image or graphic processing.Test a free tool in advance.If this is not enough for your demands (or you want to do without annoying advertising), then an “upgrade” is always possible.

Pic Credit: Xuan Le

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