Meme-Marketing for SMEs


Jürg Kobel

January 29, 2021

Meme-Marketing for SMEs

More and more companies are jumping on a meme trend, including in the region.We have collected a few examples and put together 7 tips on what needs to be taken into account when posting.

The seating Bernie Sanders With his beautiful gloves, there was omnipresent these days.Thanks to the Internet and social media, Bernie Sanders was also in Thun, on the Rathausplatz, im wine cellar at Weibel wines, at Zellweger Architect or with us, Comvation AG, in front of the street.”

Bernie Sandres Meme-Marketing

If companies and brands want to benefit from a meme hype, there are a lot to consider. Here are Our 7 tips:

1. Know your target audience and your community

Your target audience is over 40 years old.Estimated the joke of the memes only understand that under 20 year olds?Fail!The meme should hit the target group’s humor. At best, the meme also fits your company and values.

Know your target audience and your community

2. Act quickly

The App Clubhouse is THE App of the hour. If you have something to say, you have to do it now before the hype is over.Deutsche Bahn recorded the Clubhouse trend last week and referred to its career portal.This with the words: For conversations with us you can get your own invitation.Apply now!

If you still have to pick up the consent from the board of directors before each post, then the train has left :-)


3. Be respectful

Self -criticism and irony almost always works.Making fun of others could be problematic, especially in connection with groups of people, politics, religion or illnesses.

Be respectful

4. Go with hashtags viral

Don’t forget the hashtags!With the right ones ‘trending’ Hashtags sthe likelihood that your contribution increases viral(he) goes.

Go with hashtags viral

5. Use templates and tools

Some memes are evergreens and are used again and again.There are various websites on the Internet on which Bild- und Meme templates can be used, for example imgflip, giphy (For gifs), iloveimg or kapwing.

Use templates and tools

6. laughing is healthy

A funny and surprising post generated positive Emotionen in humans.

Who still remembers the Mexican with the tooth gap, who made fun of everything and laughed incomparably?So also about that Eating of a cheese fondue.

laughing is healthy

7. Combine online and offline

Bernie Sanders as a cardboard figure in your shop window?Why not. A monolith in your garden? It happened.

Companies have themMeme-Cultural Already moved to poster walls.The cleaning service provider BOOK A TIGER as well as McDonald’sHave already advertised with a poster campaign in the “meme style”.

Combine online and offline


The more authentic, spontaneous and funnier the works created, the better.But not every meme fits the brand.

Do you have no sparkling and humorous idea?Then let it be and stay with your core competence.The next hype and the next meme will definitely come.

If you present yourself to the public and on social media, you can win sympathy - but also lose.Nevertheless, we think: more memes are needed!So we look forward to your creations.

P.S. 1: Inspiration pleasing?Francis H. aliasSwisshood won the first 2020Swiss Meme Award.

P.S. 2: There is something like a Wikipedia for memes. Under Memes are collected and explained.

Pic Credit: Samy Halim

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