SEO tip: optimization of images


Andy Wirth

January 25, 2019

SEO tip: optimization of images

Texts and Technical aspects optimized - but that also pictures for a good ranking can be optimized in the Google image search, many leave Eight.

Image SEO is a very effective instrument to do your website traffic increase.the Google Picture search Will be for many purposes used, for example for viewing products, for pictures for To find presentations to find people or to To look at sights or works of art.

SEO tip: optimization of images

Use this opportunity, because when viewing the search results of the You can also visit your website directly.

What is to be considered?

  • Use Image sizes from 300 pixels (long edge), pictures who are smaller than 300 pixels, lose relevance

  • That File format can be from .jpg to .gif to .png - According to our experience, the format should not be on the ranking affect

  • Important: the File name! The file name usually coincides With the keywords, according to which the picture is also found.As a separator a hyphen (-) use, no underlined.

  • Of the Text on the content side To the picture should be in Are related to the picture

  • ’Alt-Text’ or that ‘Alt-Attribut’ of the picture (‘Alternative text’) must be recorded - it should describe the picture, if this could not be displayed.

These are just a few important points that their SEO efforts can also support with the images used and sometimes also for Contribute to accessibility.

You need support in technical search engine optimization Your website?We are happy to support you!

Pic Credit: Calvin Sprague

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