The big misconception in online marketing


Michelle Wehrli

February 18, 2020

The big misconception in online marketing

It really exists, the misconception in online marketing.Because even without a social media or search engine advertising, you are already making online marketing: with your website.

The website as a central piece of the puzzle

With various measures in Online Marketing the presence on the Internet can be expanded.In most cases, the “heart” of online marketing is your own website.Under a desired domain, you can provide all relevant content in a contemporary design on your company website.Is a matter of course today

responsiveness Web Design

, so that the website is also optimally displayed on smartphones or tablet computers.

In order for the website to be found and clicked, search engine marketing is used.This includes search engine optimization (often also SEO, abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization) and search engine advertising (often also SEA, abbreviation for Search Engine Advertising).A professional Google Ads campaign helps your company to see more website seekers and thus to more potential customers.

Online Marketing

Other frequent used forms in online marketing are the newsletter (email marketing) and the use of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn (social media and influencer marketing).

Not to be forgotten is the Google My Business entry, which you can create free of charge.

Have you already exhausted your potential for your online presence and activities?We would be happy to show you the possibilities and are available for a non -binding consultation.

Pic Credit: Lili des Bellons

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