Tips for the optimal domain name

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Jürg Kobel

October 13, 2020

Tips for the optimal domain name

Which is a sensible domain name? What do I do when the domain name is already occupied?We have put together the most important answers for you.

Which is a sensible domain name?

Of the Domain name Should if possible Easy and easy to remember be.It is best to use the company name, at most in connection with the product or service (e.g. name that - if it is communicated orally - does not have to be spelled.

At a Combination of company name and product The question often arises whether with or without a hyphen.So we recommend reserving both domains (e.g. and, but then only in public relations to use only those names that seems more user-friendly.

What do I do when the domain name is already occupied?

In most cases, if you come first, first grind.Before registration of the domain, it should always be ensured that the name does not violate third party rights (name, brand or license plate rights).If you want to know who the Holder of the domain is, you can under Start a query.If you think someone is wrong to keep a domain name, there is one in SwitzerlandDispute.

If your desired domain name is not available, there are still many options.How about a Supplement to the place (Bsp. or one Synonym (Bsp.

A Fantasies name can be very funny (Bsp., see also The «kreativsten» Harrow salon names in the world), but is non -search engine -friendly. Using certain keywords in the domain increases the chance of being better placed in Google’s search results.Is also possible to one other domain end dodge.

Which domain endings are all possible?

Anyone who works locally is best served with a .ch address.Next to country -specific top Level Domains there are many more - Exotic domain endings.Only use them if they also useful are, e.g. (if located in the canton of Bern) or remember that many users Such domain endings cannot notice and automatically type in.

Small checklist for the perfect domain

  • Is the name easy to remember, pronounce and write?
  • Is your company name and/or your service in the name?
  • Is the name still available?
  • Are there any name rights on this domain?

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Pic Credit: Sebastian Curi

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