Your domain name has expired


Jürg Kobel

February 5, 2021

Your domain name has expired

Vorsicht Falle

Unfortunately, there are currently many emails with such a subject line in circulation.They look deceptively real, but are so -called in the truth “Pphishing-Mails”. So you can protect yourself.

Your domain name has expired

The sender address, the content and the design of a Phishing-Mail If the sender is the provider, host provider or a financial institution.In the truth, however, the sender wants to get your personal data. So before you click on the link right away, read the email again.

  • The domain name is closed in a few hours? PHISHING emails are happy to put the readers under pressure, so that the request for action is followed.A reputable service provider formulates more precisely.
  • Hi?If you have concluded a contract somewhere, you will usually be addressed in the email with the name.Spelling mistakes often sneak up in phishing emails.
  • Am I really a customer of this provider?Which product is exactly?Is a payment really due again?
  • If you drive the link with the mouse pointer, the URL ANG is shown, which is opened when you click.The link leads to a different website for phishing emails than from the actual service provider.
  • Never open an attachment with such emails.If you are unsure whether the email is real, ask the (real!) Service provider.

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