UI Designer

Are you talented, a team player, and design in your sleep? Do you love beautiful and thoughtful UI designs? Are you a creative mind with an eye for detail? Do you enjoy crafting intuitive user interfaces that elevate the user experience to new heights? Then we need to meet immediately!

👐 What awaits you:

  • We are the digital and web agency in Bern and Thun. Our team is unique and spectacular (really!).
  • We work in an agile project environment and in compact and specialized teams.
  • You have the opportunity to actively influence the development of the company - your opinion counts and moves us forward together.
  • You are your own boss - self-management is highly valued and expected.
  • Flexible working hours and remote work? No problem!
  • Our workplaces are well-equipped and located in the most beautiful cities in Switzerland - in Thun and Bern. ;-)

👉 What you bring:

You have a high standard of quality, an eye for aesthetics, and a flair for the visual. You are curious and open to new technologies, especially in the field of UX/UI design. You possess knowledge of frontend component frameworks (e.g., React, Svelte) as well as possibly full-stack frontend frameworks (e.g., NextJS, SvelteKit, Astro). The same applies to HTML5 and CSS. You are a solution-oriented and reliable person with quick comprehension. Your teammates would describe you as an open, team-oriented, and uncomplicated person. You speak German and/or English and have no hesitation in collaborating with people. Ideally, you have a degree in design. And most importantly: a good sense of humor and a positive mindset.

🤯 Your tasks:

  • Analyzing customer needs and proposing solutions.
  • Designing cool, interactive projects such as websites, apps, or interactive infographics.
  • Designing and optimizing UI designs in various work steps with Figma or XD (but preferably Figma).
  • Communication and project management within ongoing projects.
  • Supporting sales and consulting in proposal preparation and assisting in consultations.
  • Proactive further education in the latest trends in web design.

👻 About us:

As a digital and web agency, with roots in Thun and also operating in Bern along the Aare, we have been designing and developing custom web solutions for large, medium, and small companies throughout Switzerland for over 18 years. We help our clients build and accelerate their digital business by developing tailor-made digital products and services. Agile and lean management are not just empty buzzwords for us but are deeply rooted in our corporate culture. We are a multidisciplinary team of techies, project managers, consultants, software engineers, supporters, IT architects, backend specialists, and more.

🤖 Your application:

Tell us why you should get this job! Of course, we're also interested in your career path with a resume and a few references.

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